About Us



It is our vision that a network of concern and care reframe violence prevention to include the care of families who experience the homicide of a loved one in Chicago, and that a compassionate community of survivors flourish as a means of peer support and an avenue for constructive engagement in anti-violence measures throughout the city, across the nation and around the world.

Our CORE Values

  • We believe that no one deserves to be physically injured, threatened or intimidated. No one deserved or earned death by violence.
  • We serve all survivors regardless of age, race, ethnicity or immigrant status, gender, sexual orientation or expression, religion, education, socio-economic status or personal history. 
  • We value these survivors’ perspectives, experience, and leadership in shaping and delivering its services. CCC respects and encourages the autonomy of survivors in making decisions about their care.
  • We are committed to cooperation with law enforcement, but our first responsibility is to care of survivors’ needs and to respect survivor autonomy.
  • We serve the family as a whole as well as its individual members because families are the essential human community.
  • We believe that a compassionate response to survivors is an essential part of violence prevention.
  • We believe that a compassionate response to survivors must include trauma-informed systems and professionals, and a trauma-informed general public.
  • Surviving family members after homicide are considered crime victims by law, and are entitled to protection and services under the law.