Get Help


You have rights. you are a crime victim. you are a survivor.

In Illinois, the immediate surviving family members related to a homicide victim are crime victims, too. The means you are entitled by law to respect, to information and to services. At the worst moment in our lives, you will encounter many unfamiliar systems. You have the right to respect, information and help. 

Chicago Survivors is here to serve you and guide you through this experience. We are not-for-profit and serve all families. We are highly trained and independent. We provide periodic check-ins, and you may call us for any reason, anytime, day or night.

Please call our helpline at 855-866-6679; it’s free and available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  You can also get help by calling our office at (312) 488.9222. 


Our services include:

  •  Crisis Response & Accompaniment
  •  24/7 Crisis Hotline
  • Victim’s Rights & Victim’s Compensation Assistance
  •   Funeral Planning & Vigils
  •  Comprehensive Referral Services (e.g., grief counseling, legal aid, housing, utilities)
  •  Case Management
  •  Unsolved case assistance: Community Flyer Distributions & Liaison with CPD
  •  Advocacy, Supportive Counseling & Practical Assistance
  •  Assistance with Children & Youth Survivors in Crisis
  •  Court Advocacy
  • Adult & Youth Community of Survivors Workshops, Events & Groups

The Community of Survivors provides families and youth with ongoing coping and empowerment workshops, social events, memorial events, and anti-violence advocacy opportunities throughout the year.  People who have suffered a violent loss meet together and learn new ways to cope with their loss and take steps toward healing.  Participating in the community of survivors can help you go from “victim” to “survivor.”