About Our Program


Our experienced and compassionate staff meet families at the worst moment of their lives and – day by day – accompany them through the unfamiliar systems, unwanted experiences, and unwelcome feelings so that no one has to face them alone.



Our Crisis Responders offer immediate crisis intervention services and support at:

  • Crime Scene
  • Hospital or Trauma Center
  • Police Station
  • Medical Examiner’s Office
  • Funeral Home
  • Wherever Needed


Crisis Responders also advocate for surviving family members’ rights as crime victims.  They will:

  • Interpret Police Protocol
  • Organize Memorial Vigil, Balloon Release, Flier Distributions
  • Assist with Crime Victims Compensation Application
  • Mediate and Liaise with Law Enforcement
  • Provide court advocacy


Our Family Support Specialists provide continuing care and support for surviving family members (adults, children and youth) for at least six months, including:

  •   supportive counseling
  •  coping tools
  •  comprehensive referral services (grief counseling, housing, utilities assistance, legal aid, etc.)


After six months, our Community of Survivors provides a peer community for empathy, education, and continued support, including:

  • On-Going Workshops (examples: what you can do with an unsolved case, art projects, grief, parenting children in grief, insomnia, coping with the holidays)
  • Social Events with Other Survivors
  • Memorial Events
  •  Anti-Violence Advocacy Opportunities
  • Targeted Supportive Services as Requested


We recognize that the systems involved after a homicide are not as sensitive to families’ experience or needs as they can be.  Those systems add to the traumatic experience of our families. We provide training in compassionate and effective communication with and treatment of a homicide victim’s family to:

  • Law Enforcement
  • Medical Examiner’s Office
  • Cook County States Attorney’s Office
  • Hospital Emergency Departments
  • Other Systems as Needed